About SHARE Charlotte

SHARE Charlotte envisions a world united through GOOD. 

In 2012, founder Kelly Brooks saw the need for a platform to easily connect ready and willing neighbors to Charlotte’s ever-growing nonprofit community, which needs support. And through that need, SHARE Charlotte was born. Today, SHARE Charlotte partners with more than 400 nonprofits and provides the community with volunteer opportunities, events and a unique online shopping experience called Give Shop® where items nonprofits need to run their programs and business can be bought. Through its signature campaigns #GivingTuesdayCLT, Shop for GOOD and DO GOOD Week, SHARE Charlotte raises awareness about local nonprofits throughout the year and increases the level of community engagement.


In 2020, SHARE Charlotte introduced SHARE SHINE™, a new opportunity for nonprofit involvement and go-to resource for helping nonprofits maximize their potential. The name SHARE SHINE™ not only conveys how the program will help nonprofits achieve star status. SHINE™ is also an acronym that stands for SHAREholders in Nonprofit Empowerment. Participating nonprofits will be known as SHAREholders on account of investing in their own success as well as in SHARE Charlotte. SHAREd Services is a program of SHARE SHINE™ offered exclusively to SHAREholders.

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