General Questions:

Is SHAREd Services part of SHARE Charlotte?


SHAREd Services are offered to SHARE Charlotte SHAREholders. Sarah, your SHAREd Services consultant, is a member of the SHARE team, not an independent contractor. Learn more here.

SHARE Charlotte, SHARE SHINE™, SHAREholder, SHAREd Services - I'm confused!

In 2020, SHARE Charlotte introduced SHARE SHINE™, a new opportunity for nonprofit involvement and go-to resource for helping nonprofits maximize their potential. The name SHARE SHINE™ not only conveys how the program will help nonprofits achieve star status. SHINE™ is also an acronym that stands for SHAREholders in Nonprofit Empowerment. Participating nonprofits will be known as SHAREholders on account of investing in their own success as well as in SHARE Charlotte. SHAREd Services is a program of SHARE SHINE™ offered exclusively to SHAREholders. 

In short: if you signed up for SHARE SHINE™, you are a SHAREholder and you have access to SHAREd Services.

What if I'm not a SHAREholder?

If you are not a SHAREholder and are interested in gaining access to SHAREd Services, SHARE-a-Latte networking events, Professional Development Workshops, and more, you can sign sign up here!

Project Questions:

How does pricing work?

Pricing for SHAREd Services is calculated based on hours to completion and project complexity. After an initial conversation with Sarah regarding your project,  you will receive a proposal that has a price range for the project. The final pricing will always fall within that range and will be reflected on your invoice.

How do I pay for my services?

You can pay for SHAREd Services either by sending in a check addressed to SHARE Charlotte (1026 Jay St., Charlotte, NC 28208) or by making a donation on SHARE Charlotte's profile.

How much lead time does a project need? 

After an initial conversation, a proposal is sent that can be accepted within 5 business days (if accepted after that time frame, dates may need to be pushed back). After that, the average project takes approximately four to six weeks from start to finish. Occasionally projects will take less or more time depending on the complexity and Sarah's capacity.

What if I don't see the service that I need?

If you don't see what you are looking for, reach out to Sarah ( and she might be able to accommodate your needs!